Jet Air


History In 1979 Jet Air was awarded an Air Carrier Operating Certificate by the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board. A new chapter in Cincinnati air charter services was written. Jet Air was among the first in Cincinnati to offer on demand, Learjet availability to the flying public.

Since that beginning, Jet Air has provided consistently safe, reliable transportation to discerning individuals and companies and has performed varied missions such as neonatal transportation for Childrens Hospital of Cincinnati, transport of critically injured children for Shriners Burns Institute and countless flights transporting organs for transplant for both Cincinnati and regional hospitals. The flexibility and capabilities of the Learjet "Time Machine" are truly remarkable.

Today, Jet Air continues to rely on the fabled Learjet to fulfill transportation requirements above the ordinary, serving individuals who seek the convenience and comfort afforded by four decades and tens of thousands of flying hours experience.

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