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Aircraft Charter Terms and Conditions


Jet Air LLC reserves the right to cancel or postpone any trip when security has been or may be compromised.


Jet Air LLC does not disclose any information regarding clients, their passengers or departures / destination to any outside source unless authorized by the customer or required by law ( i.e. in conjunction with a government inquiry or in litigation or dispute resolution ). For your protection this includes friends, relatives, co-workers, associates, business partners etc. ONLY persons YOU authorize may obtain information regarding your account or flight schedule.

Passenger Data / Identification / Documentation

DEPARTURES; All passenger data requested by Jet Air LLC must be presented to Jet Air LLC Customer Service 24 hours PRIOR to departure. Please arrive at the point of departure 15 minutes earlier than scheduled take off for document review, baggage handling and boarding.

DOMESTIC FLIGHTS; Each passenger 18 years of age and older will be required to present a government - issued photo ID at each departure in order to satisfy Transportation Security Administration requirements. Passengers under the age of 18 must be vouched for by a parent or guardian.

INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS; Customer is responsible for ensuring that all passengers have required travel documentation including passports and visas for each flight. All documents required for international travel must be presented to the flight crew for review before boarding.

Passenger Manifest Changes

Only manifested passengers (and their baggage) are permitted on board aircraft. To avoid departure delays passenger manifest changes must be accomplished in advance with Jet Air LLC by calling 513 871 8878 or 800 445 5387.


To cancel a trip without penalty, customer must call 513 871 8878 or 800 445 5387 more than two business days before the scheduled departure date for a domestic trip and more than four business days before the scheduled departure date for an international trip. If a trip is not canceled within the allotted time frame customer will be liable for all charges incurred by Jet Air LLC in the coordination of the flight including but not limited to aircraft positioning and cancellation fees imposed by third - party vendors.


Payment for all charters is due 15 days from date of invoice. Interest charges may apply to outstanding balances beyond 15 days. Note: You may receive additional invoices from a third party for services such as catering or ground transportation. Any trip scheduled by person(s) without an open account with Jet Air LLC must present a valid credit card at time of trip confirmation.

Payment authorization for full amount of trip shall be obtained. If payment is not received from the customer within agreed upon time the credit card authorization being held by Jet Air LLC shall be utilized to satisfy payment.


Your price quote includes all flight charges, overnight charges, standard provisions including assorted beverages and snacks, estimated fees and taxes. Catering, ground transportation, hangar and de-icing charges incurred shall be invoiced separately after trip completion. International fees, if applicable are estimated and may be higher than quoted.

Customer and Passenger Behavior

Customer is responsible for ensuring all passengers act in a reasonable and responsible manner at all times while aboard aircraft and that all passengers comply with instructions of the pilots in command of the aircraft. Customer is liable to Jet Air LLC for any damage caused to aircraft by any passenger.

Itinerary and Quote Accuracy and Acceptance

This quote and itinerary is not an agreement by Jet Air LLC to provide any product or service. Customer must sign and return this document by fax to Jet Air LLC at 513 871 8194 signifying that all information contained therein including but not limited to departure dates and times is accurate and that all terms set forth in this document are agreed to and accepted by customer.

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