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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cost of my flight predicated on the number of passengers in my group?

No. The flight cost remains the same, regardless if you are flying alone or there are as many as 7 additional passengers.

Will I be flying with people I don't know?

No. Each flight you schedule is yours and yours alone. Additional passengers must be part of your business or personal travel party. Per the FAA mandate attendant to our Charter Certificate, reservations for traditional airline scheduled service is not permissible.

Aircraft Charter Terms and Conditions

What is your flight cancellation policy?

There is no charge for a cancellation received up to 24 hours prior to a Domestic flight or up to 48 hours prior to an International flight.

Are there baggage restrictions?

It is Jet Air's Policy to anticipate and accommodate our customer's every need while traveling. It is also our goal to provide a safe and comfortable environment aboard our aircraft while complying with all Federal Regulations. Therefore we ask that you spend a moment reviewing some basic rules regarding the carriage of luggage, handbags etc.

Due to space constraints and/or Federal Regulation the following items shall be accepted or restricted baggage for each passenger. It is mandatory that each passenger presenting baggage or carry on items for transport visit for specific item restrictions.

  1. One travel case no larger than 12" x 14" x 24" weighing no more than 30 Lbs.
  2. One carry on handbag/brief no larger than 12" x 18" x 5" and weighing no more than 10 Lbs.

No golf bags or sporting equipment* of any description shall be accepted for transport in addition to the above mentioned items. In cases where there is no additional baggage, a maximum of four sets of golf clubs can be accommodated.

No food items, including beverages, other than those to be consumed while aboard the aircraft.

No pets or pet carriers without prior authorization.

No firearms OR munitions except those receiving prior approval by Jet Air.

No fireworks of any description.

No items listed as hazardous or dangerous materials without prior approval from Jet Air.


Every effort shall be made by Jet Air to customize the baggage allowance to each customer's requirements. Exceptions to these rules depend upon total number of passengers and other controlling details surrounding each trip. If your travel plans include a restricted item appearing on this document or baggage in addition to that allotted, we ask that you contact Jet Air in advance of your scheduled day of departure for guidance. In such case a detailed listing of those items to include dimensions and weight must be presented and approved prior to flight.

* Item may be carried in "baggage accepted."

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